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Controller / Dimmer

Controllers & Dimmers

  1. Excl. VAT £3.25 Incl. VAT: £3.90 As low as £2.92 £3.50

    Small, inexpensive and simple to use. Sits between the LED driver and LED light in a 12V circuit. Compatible with all single colour 12V LED strips. Learn More
  2. Excl. VAT £4.08 Incl. VAT: £4.90 As low as £3.25 £3.90

    Inline RGB LED Controller - miniature, easy, simple 3-button operation, A nice benefit you'll love: it has memory, so when you turn it off, or disconnect the power, it'll remember the last color, pattern, speed, etc it was last on. Re-apply power / turn it back on, and it'll go right back to where you left it. Can't get easier than that. Learn More
  3. Excl. VAT £5.75 Incl. VAT: £6.90 As low as £4.92 £5.90

    Controls upto 72 Watts (5 metres of 5050 300LED's) of RGB LED Strip lighting. 7 levels of dimming control in static mode. Learn More
  4. Excl. VAT £12.42 Incl. VAT: £14.90 As low as £10.75 £12.90

    You can now control your RGB LED Strip from up to 30 meters with the radio frequency (RF) controller and remote kit. The small size controller (less than 5 cm long) allows you to hide it almost anywhere, Learn More
  5. Excl. VAT £14.08 Incl. VAT: £16.90 As low as £13.25 £15.90

    This is a wireless RF controller with a small but powerful remote created by advanced Radio Frequency technology. Learn More
  6. Excl. VAT £20.75 Incl. VAT: £24.90 As low as £19.08 £22.90

    Universal Red/Green/Blue (RGB) LED Controller & Dimmer with handheld RF Touch Color Remote can control any 12VDC RGB LED products. Learn More

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